Current Version 0.4a, last updated 2013, feb 19.

ScreenMirror allows to capture, display and transform an area of the screen.
This application is for testing purposes only, the author does not take responsibility for any damage caused. Use at your own risk.

CanOfColliders, michael -at-


Changelog (v0.4a)

- Support for multiple monitor setups.
- Small bugfixes and consistency reworks.

- Option to follow the Mouse Cursor while capturing.
- Readjusted Menus. Added quick toggles.
- Shortcuts for Zooming, capturing can now be started with Spacebar.

- Added the ability to drag select a capture area with the mouse.
- Settings window will now do checks when saving settings, to ensure correct values (and prevent going overboard/crashing).
- Added Option to convert Colorspace to Gray.
- Small bug fixed that prevented the title bar to update correctly.
- Added Shortcut / Menu Toggles for Flipping and Filtering.



ScreenMirror v0.4a
Note: The windows and mac versions are only optimized/bundled versions of ScreenMirror, they will still require java to be installed on the system, just as the *.jar version.